How to make dronekit (Python) work with Jetson TX2


I am new to jetson tx2, and i am trying to use jetson tx2 as an onboard computer with pixhawk mini cube as a flight controller on the drone.

Can you please tell me how can i make dronekit work with jetson tx2?Shall i download dronekit and its dependencies on jetson and run python script there or shall i download the dronekti on host machine?But if i download dronekit on host machine how do i make jetson work with dronekit?

I want jetson tx2 to control pixhawk mini cube.How do i make it work?Please advise.


Sorry that we don’t have an experience on your use case.

In general, if the toolkit provider do officially support Jetson platform.
You can just follow the installation guide to make it work.

If not, you may need to port it on you own.