Orbitty Carrier to work with Jetson TX2

Hello Everyone, I just got the Jetson TX2 working with Orbitty Carrier Board,
I would like to mention that you should follow the procedure on the Website: http://connecttech.com/resource-center/cti-l4t-nvidia-jetson-board-support-package-release-notes/

But Keep in mind that you should have Ubuntu 14.04 installed on the host machine and ALSO you will need Jetson JetPack3 not 3.1, if you have already installed JetPack3.1 then please change the Version to 3 from the drop-down menu, also make a clean install with that version on your Host machine (Ubuntu 14.04)

I hope this would help you guys !!

Cheers !!!

Can you be more specific regarding the problem you faced using JetPack 3.1? I just flashed the TX2 on the Orbitty carrier with JetPack 3.1 and it seems to be working fine.


I have installed jetpack 3.2 with Orbitty board. no issues. used this as guideline: https://github.com/NVIDIA-Jetson/jetson-trashformers/wiki/Jetson™-Flashing-and-Setup-Guide-for-a-Connect-Tech-Carrier-Board