USB on TX2 not working with Orbitty carrier board

I have this Orbitty carrier board.

On the carrier board, when I plug in the TX1 everything works fine, but when I plug in the TX2, neither the Type A nor the Micro USB works. However, both the TX1 & TX2 USB works fine on the Nvidia dev board.

I tested the USB on the Orbitty board with a multimeter and it’s putting out 5v with the TX1 plugged in but 0v with the TX2.

Both the TX1 & TX2 are freshly flashed with Jetpack 3.3 from a host machine running Ubuntu 16.04. The TX2 is brand new.

Have you used their board support package? The device tree sets up differently for different carrier boards. This would basically be an addition on top of JetPack3.3.