USB does not work


I am using Nvidia Jetson TX2 orbittiy carrier board. When flashing using the SDK manager, the USB input stopped working (energy not being transmitted).

What should I do.


Can you try with other USB cable to see if issue still presented?

I tried with two different usb cables, but the problem persists.
Cables work on different devices, not Jetson TX2 Orbittiy Carrier Board.

Did you use the correct Orbitty board support package setup prior to flashing? Device trees change and if device tree is wrong, then USB won’t work. Mixing incorrect BSP with a different release of L4T/JetPack/SDKM would likely cause problems as well.

I flashing with SDKM. USB port does not work now, while it was installing without problems with the same version before.
I’m new in this area.
What should I do ?
I will be grateful if you can help.

I can’t help much with other carrier boards, but the concept is that different embedded hardware will require a method for the software to find the various hardware. For example, the same system-on-a-chip might use one set of pins to reach a given USB lane and allow that lane to talk to the USB controller, while a different carrier board might need to use a different set of pins to route a USB lane to the same USB controller. Not all pins of the SoC can be optionally routed to different hardware, but many can.

If your flash was with a standard SDKM/JetPack, then the board support package (which provides that device tree to set up routing of pins to outside hardware) would have assumed you are using the development kit carrier board, and not a third party carrier board. Functions which happen to match between carrier boards will work, while routing of pins to the wrong optional device will fail. To work with another carrier board you must overlay the board support package (BSP) from that vendor onto the flash software prior to flashing.

Third party carrier board BSPs need to be matched to the NVIDIA release version. Somewhere the manufacturer of your carrier board will have a list of BSPs, and you would use the version they provide matching the JetPack/SDKM release you are using from NVIDIA. Add that, then flash, and it should work. Sorry, I have no experience with Orbitty to give you any details.

Thank you for your help.
Good work…