Connecting TX2 to Pixhawk with Mavlink


I have used the raspberry pi before with the Pixhawk to do computer vision applications. I am now trying to apply for advanced computer vision algorithms that the pi can’t handle and am trying to get the TX2 connected and talking with the Pixhawk, but I cannot find a good guide or anyone who has seemed to get it to work on the current version of Jetpack (3.1). Has anyone gotten this to work yet?


Have you had success with it?
I am struggling with it as I am new to the Jetson and Linux world.
Thank you for your help

Maybe it needs USB modem support. Check

I haven’t figured it out yet. I have ordered a carrier board and the Pixhawk 2.1 and should receive the Pixhawk by today and will try to connect then. I’ll check the USB modem support too as well. It looks promising.

Any updates here buddy?

Currently installing ROS. Seems like the best option.

Here are links to a couple resources of connecting Jetson to Pixhawk via MAVLink:

Great. Thanks