How to Connect Jetson Nano to Pixhawk

I looking for connecting jetson nano and pixhawk but I not find. I want to
connection on mavlink and set and get paramaters. TX1 and TX2 has a apsync image file. when release nano image file ? Do you know anything connect these two card. Please help mee !!

The APSync images are developed by contributors on ArduPilot, not by NVIDIA.
If you want an image for the Jetson Nano, you should either ask in the ArduPilot forums, or use the source code to develop your own.

In general, the connection is simple, as it’s a basic UART 921600 bps 8-bit connection.
If you want to write your own software, you can simply make the connections, and open /dev/ttyTHS0 on the Jetson, and set it to the right format, to read/write that serial port.
(Or some other serial port, depending on which specific connectors you’re using on the Jetson)

do you mean,we have to get this so that pixhawk can work?
I saw redtail got tx2 linked with pixhawk, ddi they put the image in project?

I use for connecting GND-8-10 pinouts (UART) to TELEM2 port of the Pixhawk (tested with Cube and Pixhawk4 Holybro also)
Pixhawk recommends using the UART not USB.
You should prepare your Pixhawk firmware (PX4 or ARDU) and after that test your connection.