Connecting Pixhawk to Jetson nano on Ubuntu 20.04

Hi all,

I have a problem that I was hoping someone here might be able to help. I have the jetson nano developer kit and I am using Ubuntu 20.04 (due to some incompatibility for my task I need Ubuntu 20.04 and NOT 18.04 and I got the ubuntu from here GitHub - Qengineering/Jetson-Nano-Ubuntu-20-image: Jetson Nano with Ubuntu 20.04 image)

I need to connect pixhawk to Jetson nano to read telemetry data. I followed the instructions available online (like the one described by [Matchstic] on youtube )
but I can not establish a connection between the two. That is being said, the method worked for Ubuntu 18.04 but it does not work in Ubuntu 20.04.
Any suggestion? Anything is appreciated.


We don’t have much experiences with pixhawk connection, may someone can have suggestions to you.

Incidentally, 20.04 is not supported on a Nano. Some people do have some experimental support, but I don’t know if that actually works. It isn’t unusual to get a more recent Ubuntu to work, but not have GPU access, or to have boot problems. The makers of the 20.04 (on a Nano) would have to help.

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