Ubuntu 20.04 on Nano?

Ubuntu 20.04 on Nano?

Hi OnnikZ,

To run the Ubuntu 20.04 on Jetson Nano is currently not supported by NVIDIA, but your can refer to the custom build by developer:



I am using ubuntu 18.04 on the flashing host (host pc). I’ve been flashing the target board without any problem, is there any problem if I upgrade to 20.04?

Thank you.

We don’t support Ubuntu 20.04 yet, customer need to resolved issues which delivered from Ubuntu 20.04 by themselves.

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Good evening, is there any update on this Ubuntu 20.04. Im about to start a project and ideally would love to start in the latest version. Thank you in advance.


When will Jetson Nano support Ubuntu 20.04? Because Ubuntu 21.04 (Hirsute Hippo) is already out.

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We do not plan for kernel and Ubuntu upgrade for JetPack 4 codeline and hence Jetson Nano and Jetson TX2 which will remain with JetPack 4 codeline, will not get the kernel and ubuntu upgrades. However, we will continue supporting Jetson Nano and Jetson TX2 on JetPack 4 codeline by making periodic releases containing critical bug fixes and security updates.

See also: Jetson Software Roadmap for 2H-2021 and 2022 - Jetson & Embedded Systems / Jetson Nano - NVIDIA Developer Forums

Thanks for letting me know that Jetson Nano is dead end for development.