Jetson tx2 and Pixhawk

Hello everybody!
Can somebody tell me how to connect jetson TX2 with Pixhawk?
So far i’ve just wired the pixhawk 2 cube to the jetson tx2 GPIO like this:

Thank you very much!

If you choose to use ROS, there’s a package called mavros. You can directly read from the usb. I tested on my JTX2.

Hey buddy! How did you do it?
I’m running

roslaunch mavros px4.launch fcu_url:="/dev/ttyTHS2:115200" gcs_url:="udp://@"

but I’m stack I got this:

[ INFO] [1575371919.146839830]: Plugin rc_io initialized
[ INFO] [1575371919.147169913]: Plugin safety_area blacklisted
[ INFO] [1575371919.147721256]: Plugin setpoint_accel loaded
[ INFO] [1575371919.155037956]: Plugin setpoint_accel initialized
[ INFO] [1575371919.156070857]: Plugin setpoint_attitude loaded
[ INFO] [1575371919.180280403]: Plugin setpoint_attitude initialized
[ INFO] [1575371919.180962551]: Plugin setpoint_position loaded
[ INFO] [1575371919.223178064]: Plugin setpoint_position initialized
[ INFO] [1575371919.223720608]: Plugin setpoint_raw loaded
[ INFO] [1575371919.250321304]: Plugin setpoint_raw initialized
[ INFO] [1575371919.251363420]: Plugin setpoint_trajectory loaded
[ INFO] [1575371919.261510302]: Plugin setpoint_trajectory initialized
[ INFO] [1575371919.262125192]: Plugin setpoint_velocity loaded
[ INFO] [1575371919.278658007]: Plugin setpoint_velocity initialized
[ INFO] [1575371919.279859341]: Plugin sys_status loaded
[ INFO] [1575371919.307175110]: Plugin sys_status initialized
[ INFO] [1575371919.308086294]: Plugin sys_time loaded
[ INFO] [1575371919.319972895]: TM: Timesync mode: MAVLINK
[ INFO] [1575371919.324053655]: Plugin sys_time initialized
[ INFO] [1575371919.324787575]: Plugin trajectory loaded
[ INFO] [1575371919.345637097]: Plugin trajectory initialized
[ INFO] [1575371919.346560472]: Plugin vfr_hud loaded
[ INFO] [1575371919.349068667]: Plugin vfr_hud initialized
[ INFO] [1575371919.349268553]: Plugin vibration blacklisted
[ INFO] [1575371919.349832568]: Plugin vision_pose_estimate loaded
[ INFO] [1575371919.366850684]: Plugin vision_pose_estimate initialized
[ INFO] [1575371919.367271639]: Plugin vision_speed_estimate loaded
[ INFO] [1575371919.375466757]: Plugin vision_speed_estimate initialized
[ INFO] [1575371919.376295452]: Plugin waypoint loaded
[ INFO] [1575371919.387441606]: Plugin waypoint initialized
[ INFO] [1575371919.387652083]: Plugin wheel_odometry blacklisted
[ INFO] [1575371919.388259390]: Plugin wind_estimation loaded
[ INFO] [1575371919.390697255]: Plugin wind_estimation initialized
[ INFO] [1575371919.391405161]: Autostarting mavlink via USB on PX4
[ INFO] [1575371919.392222241]: Built-in SIMD instructions: ARM NEON
[ INFO] [1575371919.392707414]: Built-in MAVLink package version: 2019.11.11
[ INFO] [1575371919.393094324]: Known MAVLink dialects: common ardupilotmega ASLUAV autoquad icarous matrixpilot paparazzi slugs standard uAvionix ualberta
[ INFO] [1575371919.393653795]: MAVROS started. MY ID 1.240, TARGET ID 1.1

So that means the connection between the PX4 and the TX2 is not done.
How can I fix it.
The TX2 is connected from UART 2 /dev/ttyTHS2 to the pixhawk telem 2

I know that it’s pretty late to reply. But I had the same issue. Getting the result above is not enough. We should get a heartbeat. If not, then it’s not really communicating.
First check the serial port with cutecom by connecting it to some PC serially (in my case, using tty to USB cable). Check if you receive the same message as you send on the other end on both sides.
In my case, there was some fault there. So I used the other UART port and everything worked fine.

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