How to combine Deepstream_test1 with OpenCV

Hello! I am trying to modify the source code ‘deepstream_test1_app.c’ in order to use OpenCV to do streaming media processing, I’ve already realized the fonction of using a camera to do the real-time object recognition by using deepstream_test1, but I don’t know how to combine OpenCV with ‘deepstream_test1_app.c’, Does it mean that I can directly write a few more lines of code in the file ‘deepstream_test1_app.c’? can you give me an practical example (any example will do) of using OpenCV in ‘deepstream_test1_app.c’? Thank you!

We have no opencv + deepstream sample now.
You can try to use opencv + gstreamer, or opencv preprocess -> appsrc -> deepstream pipeline, nvv4l2decoder, nvstreammux, …