How to compile 32bit CUDA project using 64bit toolkit ?

As far as I can see from the discussion thread of CUDA 2.3, 32 bit apps must also be compiled with 64bit toolkit when working under 64 bit OS (I’m working under XP64), 32bit toolkits should no longer be installed under 64bit environment.

My CUDA project is 32bit and I used to work with 32bit CUDA toolkit, how to set new 2.3 64bit toolkit up in order to compile my project ?

First of all, linker can’t find cutil32.lib that is normally linked with 32bit app (and there is no cutil32 lib provided with 64bit toolkit installation).
Other problem is that I could not find how to inform 64bit nvcc to generate 32bit code, this also leads to conflicts while trying to link compiled .cu modules with host code.

This is rather urgent … want to check 2.3 out but unable to make it work.

Thanks in advance.

I also have the same question, can anyone help us? Thanks.

  1. add \bin to your path
  2. add -m32 to your nvcc options
  3. link with the 32-bit libs in \lib (instead of \lib64)

Thanks for fast reply. It works. :thumbup: