how to create arrays in runtime in shared memory?


I have the task of large number of threads running, each doing a small matrix multiplication. All the small matrices have been loaded to the global memory. I wish to improve performance by letting each thread load its small matrices into shared memory, and then compute the product. But the problem is that I do not know the sizes of the matrices during compile time. So I cannot create variables as in shared double mat1[xsize][ysize]. On PC, I would have made a dynamic allocation. But I do not know if I could do it on the shared memory. If calling malloc in a kernel would allocate only in global memory, that does not help either.

Is there a way to declare arrays during runtime in kernel? Is there any other way to resolve this problem?

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You can pass the desired size upon kernel invocation, see section B.16 Execution configuration in the programming guide.

If I remember correctly you do something like ex:

extern __shared__ float smemData[] ;

__global__ void youtKernel( --- )


smemData[threadIdx.x] = globalPtr[ threadIdx.x + blockIdx.x*blockDim.x];



// invocation

yourKernel<<< gridDim, blockDim, smemSize >>>(---- );

Overall the documentation seems a bit scarce on the subject…

This method allows allocation of the same amount of memory to each of the thread dynamically. I have to populate each thread with differently sized matices, sizes whose upper and lower bounds I do not know yet.

But thank you very much for the reply and the reference. It is a good starting point.

You probably want to do a tiled matrix multiplication for optimal use of shared memory. In that case, you can use a constant tile size even if the matrix sizes are all different.

You also probably want to assign (at least) a block per matrix, not a single thread.