How to debug when device emu no longer shows the bug? (and you dont have cuda-gdb capable hardware..

Hi all,

I am working on a machine with Ubuntu 9.04 x86_64 and an 8800 GTS 320mb.

I’ve been debugging my code by compiling it with -g and -deviceemu, then running regular old gdb on it. this has worked so far because I’ve gotten the same error messages in device-emu as when working with the gpu.

But now the GPU gives me an unspecified kernel launch while the device-emu works fine.

What would you do in this situation to debug?
I think the errors are NaN related but thats not easy to find the source in a 2000 line code.


Is there a reason why you can’t use CUDA-GDB ?

I am running on an 8800 GTS, which per A.1.2 of the cuda-gdb manual, is not supported.

Also, and this isn’t a reason why I can’t do it, but for some reason when I installed CUDA 2.3 cuda-gdb wasnt installed with it even though it says it should be, weird!