How to deploy custom yolov3 to Nvidia jeston nano 4GB?

Hi all
I am fourth-year university student and my final year project is about detection using deep learning with yolov3 model
I have trained all the dateset and i got the weight file
recently, I have bought Nvidia jetson nano 4GB can you help me by showing the steps in how to deploy my model and test my model in Nvidi jeston nano 4GB thank you

I moved this topic to Jetson Nano, there will be more people looking at that category to point you the right direction.
I would also recommend you check out some of the DLI course which use Jetson Nano as the test platform. The course are great and very detailed.


Which model format do you use?
If a darknet model is used, please check the below sample to deploy on the Jetson:



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