Yolov3 implementation on jetracer using jetson nano

Hi, I am a student doing a project using a fine yolov3 to detect object via jetracer camera. I’ve read a lot of threads but still can’t implement it. The instruction of ultralytics seems not right anymore, because files in the repo have been modified considerably. I’d appreciate if somebody who has successfully deployed gives me the code or instruction to do it.

Dear @binhan.thai,
I see NVIDIA Jetson Nano Deployment - Ultralytics YOLOv8 Docs instructions for yolov5 using jetpack 4.6. Did you check it?

Also see Installation of Ultralytics and Yolov5 over Jetson Nano board (Jetpack 4.6.4).) if it helps.

I tried but there’s a code line:
cp DeepStream-Yolo/utils/gen_wts_yoloV5.py yolov5, and I can’t find the gen_wts_yoloV5.py