How to determine SKU of chipset on card, e.g. 1650 with about 4 variants

Is there any way to know which chipset SKU is on a given graphics card, through the driver? The 1650 has about 4 different variants by now and I’d like to know specifically which is on any specific card.

When I run AIDA64 it tells me the “GPU Code Name” is TU117. Where does it get this information from?

Thanks for any assistance you can give me on this.

Hi @RobinsonUK and welcome back to the NVIDIA developer forum!

To access more in-depth information about SKU and similar you can use the NVIDIA API SDK. There are several different levels of access to this SDK and some chip information is only available if you have NDA access to the SDK.

I hope I could help you.


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Thanks very much Markus. I’ll ferret around in the SDK for something.