How to disable specific warnings with nvcc?

How can I disable specific compiler-warnings with nvcc like “/wd XXXX” of cl (Visual Studio)?

I assume you are talking about warnings produced for device code. You can pass host compiler options from the nvcc commandline by prefixing them with -Xcompiler (see nvcc documentation).

I am not immediately aware of a way to turn off warnings for the device code compilation, but I will dig a bit. In general, warnings are the programmer’s friend, as they are more likely to point out real problems than not.

My general advice would be to fix whatever the compiler complains about. Which specific warnings are you trying to suppress?

Thank you for your answer!
Now I can disable warnings of cl (e.g. C4819) with ‘-Xcompiler “/wd 4819”’ on additional option of nvcc’s command line.

Thanks again.