How to enable v-sync on Vulkan in Windows/Linux?

How to enable v-sync on Vulkan in Windows and Linux? (I have both installed)

Set VkSwapchainCreateInfoKHR::presentMode to VK_PRESENT_MODE_MAILBOX_KHR or VK_PRESENT_MODE_FIFO_KHR when you create your swapchain.


I am a gamer and I can’t change source code of the game from Steam.

This is the developer forum, so you seem wrong here. If the game does not expose a V-Sync option, that is on the game and you should ask the game developers directly.


If you know how to program, you could build a vulkan layer that interjects the swapchain create call and changes the presentMode before calling the driver. Then add the layer to the implicit layers of the vulkan loader installed on your system. Since most programs go through the official loader rather than interfacing the drivers directly to support stuff like steam overlay or video capture (which also use the official layer system), this would work. Now, this is obviously an unrealistically high workload for a feature that the game should expose directly, but if you REALLY care and can program…

You can also try posting your issue in the Geforce forums.