Adaptive vsync?

I just upgraded from a GT220 to a GTX660. Quite an improvement. I had read about adaptive vsync with these new Kepler chips and wondered how to enable it in Linux. I found instructions on how to do it in Windows, but no amount of README reading or Googling would turn up how to enable it in Linux.

This is exposed to applications via the GLX_EXT_swap_control_tear extension. Enhancement request 970514 is filed to track adding a way to override it in the control panel for applications that don’t provide an option to enable it.

Thanks! That would be great.

Any news on this? The ability to force everything to use adaptive vsync would be much appreciated. Thanks!

Yeah, I’m also interested in the progress of this enhancement request. It would be awesome if you could keep us up to date!

I just got myself a Gainward GeForce GTX 780 Phantom Goes Like Hell GPU so I, as a Linux gamer using a Nvidia GPU, would appreciate having the same fancy settings as Windows users as well.

Would just like to say that I really wanted this feature.
I also wanted to be able to force opengl games to use vysnc or not. As nvidia-settings doesn’t actually force it. Additionally forcing a framelimiter is something even windows users want from the control panel.

So I made a .so file that you can LD_PRELOAD into any opengl game to
1/ Force vsync on
2/ Force vsync off
3/ Force a FPS limit of your choice (some people hate the mouse lag from vsync)
4/ Adaptive vsync ( Just like you can with Nvidia control panel on windows)

I have tested it with 100’s of games on steam and a few not on steam, both 32bit and 64bit games.

I would be happy if someone from Nvidia would like to contact me about seeing how this done. And possibly getting it implemented in the nvidia-settings utility.

Would you like to share the code? and possibly the steps?

Bumb, as this issue is still very imporant. It really seems like NVidia just forgot to implement the tickbox to activate it in the nvidia-settings program or something.

Shameless bump on this almost 3 years old thread.
Now there is vulkan too in the play.

Any update?

It seems to work that way, maybe not as it is intended to, but still…