Got Adaptive vsync in ROTTR and Mad Max Vulkan by pure mistake...

I just noticed that if i plug a second monitor, Rise of the Tomb Raider’s internal Vsync turns into an adaptive vsync mode.
This means that if the fps of the game are over the refresh rate, there is no tearing; but when they goes down, tearing appears.

Now, i understant Adaptive vsync is one of the features missing from the Linux driver compared to the windows one; but i consider what happens to me a bug rather than a feature.

Could you devs take a look on why this is happening? Maybe fix it, and maybe implement proper adaptive vsync to the Linux driver without requiring us to attach a second display to the card ?

Thanks :)

Actually it seems that disabling “allow flipping” in the driver settings gui has the same effect of using 2 displays.
Maybe because flipping does not work and is not used by the drivers in that setup.

Long story short, if you want adaptive vsync (vsync at high framerate, tearing at low framerates) in vulkan (didn’t try opengl); just enable vsync in the app/game and disable allow flipping in the driver settings.