Adaptive Sync causes screen signal loss after power cycling the monitor

Distros tested: Ubuntu 19.04 (fresh install), Kubuntu 18.04
Tested driver versions: 430.40, 418.56

Monitor: Alienware AW2518HF (non validated).
GPU: GTX 1070ti

-Steps to reproduce-

  • Login to desktop and make sure Adaptive Sync is working.
  • Turn off you monitor (don't turn off your machine).
  • Wait a few seconds and turn you monitor back on again.
  • Start a fullscreen application/game with Adaptive Sync active.
  • Observe the screen going blank and losing signal (like if nothing was attached to it).
  • Close the fullscreen application (blindly) with Alt+F4 or use a virtual terminal and kill it from there.
  • Observe the screen magically come back to life.
  • If you launch a fullscreen game with Adaptive Sync disabled, the screen keeps working normally.

    This bug persists until you change metamodes with nvidia-settings (you can change to another resolution/refresh rate and then switch it back for the bug to go away) or logout from your X session and log back in again.

    Launching the Unigine Heaven benchmark via terminal when triggering this bug shows this (repeated ad infinitum):

    GLFrameBuffer::enable(): unsupported
    OpenGL error: invalid framebuffer operation

    I don’t have another FreeSync monitor to test this with so I can’t write out the possibility that this might be related to this specific hardware only… Nvidia’s Adaptive Sync support on this one seems quite buggy to say the least…
    nvidia-bug-report.log.gz (1.18 MB)