How to execute "polygraphy surgeon sanitize --fold-constants sample.onnx -o sampleFolded.onnx"?


I have installed the package using “python -m pip install colored polygraphy --extra-index-url

Now, I am not sure what to do to properly execute “polygraphy surgeon sanitize --fold-constants sample.onnx -o sampleFolded.onnx” since I mostly work in Jupyter and am not so familiar with executing Python CLI commands.

It’d be great if someone could, please, list the steps to run the command either from a command line window or Jupyter.

I use Anaconda (Win10).



Hope the following may help you.

Thank you.

Hi spolisetty,

Thank you for your suggestion.

I ended up doing it from the command line. I just had to find where the script was and install graph surgeon and onnxruntime.

However, polygraphy didn’t solve my [IShuffleLayer applied to shape tensor must have 0 or 1 reshape dimensions: dimensions were [-1,2] problem and I will make another post to see if any of the moderators can help me solve the issue. Thanks!

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