Try running yolov3_onnx sample

Hi Nvidia team,

I am using:
Ubuntu 16.04 with RTX-2080-TI.
Driver Version: 410.78
CUDA version: V10.0.130
CUDNN version: 7.5.0
Python: 2.7.12
Tensorflow version: 1.13.1

(from “$dpkg -l | grep TensorRT”)
TensorRT version:
uff-converter-tf: 5.1.2-1+cuda10.0

I followed the steps shared in your document

When i tried to run the “” script
I encounter the error:

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 760, in
File “”, line 753, in main
File “/usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/onnx/”, line 86, in check_model
onnx.onnx_cpp2py_export.checker.ValidationError: Op registered for Upsample is depracted in domain_version of 10

==> Context: Bad node spec: input: “085_convolutional_lrelu” output: “086_upsample” name: “086_upsample” op_type: “Upsample” attribute { name: “mode” s: “nearest” type: STRING } attribute { name: “scales” floats: 1 floats: 1 floats: 2 floats: 2 type: FLOATS }

Full output log file can be found here:

Any idea why this is happening ?


i have same problem, but i did not use tensorflow
i think the problem is caused by ONNX,

but this topic didn’t get any help

I solved the problem by installing older version of onnx.
$ pip uninstall onnx; pip install onnx==1.3