How to file bug reports for the nvfortran compiler

a couple of weeks ago I transitioned from the PGI compilers to the nvfortran compiler. Where and how do I file bug reports for nvfortran (or other compilers of the NVidia compiler suite)?
We do have a very large and modern Fortran 2003/2008 software project, which works with Intel Fortran compiler, NAGfor and gfortran, but has tremendous difficulties with nvfortran. I would be highly interested to work with the NVidia development team on improving this compiler.
Best regards,
Juergen Reuter

Hi Juergen,

If your organization has purchased technical support from NVIDIA (see the “Support” section towards the bottom of, you would submit a bug via the support portal.

Otherwise, you can submit bugs here in the Forums or from your NVIDIA Developer Account page, click “my bugs” and you see a button to submit a new bug.


Hi Mat,
thanks. That means with our original PGI license number I cannot create a support account with nVidia? Our contract has not yet been renewed or transferred from PGI to nVidia.

Hi Juergen,

I do see that your organization does have current PGI Professional license that is under support till June 2022, though your email is not listed as an administrator. While the license wont be available for renewal, it was transferred and it’s my understanding that the administrators should have received information from HPC Compiler Support Services (HCSS) about accessing the NVIDIA support portal.

Hope this helps,