How to find bug in running mode Bugs appear only in running mode not emu

I have a bug when I try to use texture, that is my program give a correct result
with emulation mode, however when i run it the result is completely wrong
I can not understand what happen.

I test my program with normalized/ and unnormalized texture, in both case it run correct in emulation mode , but wrong with running mode. Sometime, i get the right result, but when i recompile the same code, it returns wrong result. In my program i don’t use share memory, just read from the texture and perform trilerp.

If anyone has experienced the same thing, could give me some advice.

Thank you

EDIT: finally i found the bug, that is in emulation mode the memory is automatically initialized 0 value however it has arbitrary value with CUDA running mode.

good, almost 90% “wrong-in-serious-mode” bugs are caused by uninitializations. lol