How to find carrier board version


I am a beginner about nvidia chips and studying Jetson TX2 board.
I need hardware schematics but could not find its accurate carrier board version expected to be printed on PCB.
Board has model name “P2597” printed, but I cannot find what its version is, for example, “B04” or “CO2” etc.

Please let me know how to find it. Thank you in advance.

There should be a sticker near the SATA port and CE logo which indicates the carrier board P/N. It looks like this:

External Media

699-82597-0000-501 indicates carrier revision B04
699-82597-0000-900 indicates carrier revision C02

Hi dusty_nv,

Thank you very much. I confirmed my board is also “B04” as in your sample picture.

FYI, the C02 download now works for me.