How to find out device model number with command ? No monitor available

I wonder if it is possible to find the model number of the GPU Card.
(This machine is not connected to monitor, so it’s impossible to go into control panel and look at gpu configurations)

By model number, I mean… Geforce 8800GTX, Quadro 5600FX, …
something like it…

I am using Redhat Enterprise Linux 4.


NVClock can do this.

$ nvclock -i

-- General info --

Card:  	nVidia Geforce 8800GTS 512

Architecture:  G92 A2

PCI id:  0x600

You can also manually control the fans on the card with it, which is quite nice.

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You can use something like this

lspci | grep GeForce

(this should be work without cuda installed SDK and toolkit).

If you would like to see more information about your’s card use

lspci -vv | less

(and find section devoted to your card)