How to find out that "/nvdli-nano" is the name of the directory in the docker container?

Hi guys, I am currently going through the DLI Course and when mounting a directory to the docker container using volume command we set the path of the container as “/nvdli-nano”. My question is how do we find this out?

I’m sorry if the question may seem a little noobish, I’m quite new to docker.


--volume ~/nvdli-data:/nvdli-nano/data

Hi, this argument to docker run means that your user’s ~/nvdli-data folder on your device (outside of container) will be mounted into the container and appear at /nvdli-nano/data (inside the container)

The /nvdli-nano path inside the container is where the notebooks reside and was how the container was setup. So knowing that path requires knowledge of how the container was built. Or you can typically launch a container and just look around for the different folders.

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