Moving docker directory to nvme ssd (CloudNative-Demo on Jetson)

Hello, I’m beginner of using jetson & deeplearning. I’m trying to follow Cloud-Nativie Demo on Jetson (written by NVIDIA-AI-HOT, GitHub - NVIDIA-AI-IOT/jetson-cloudnative-demo: Multi-container demo for Jetson Xavier NX and Jetson AGX Xavier). There are instructions shown in pages, but as I follow, it keep shows error in this code.

(sudo mv /var/lib/docker/* /home/nvidia/nvme/docker/.)
I can see the docker directory in var/lib. But it keeps saying that therer are no file or directory.
Could anyone help me please?
Thank you

Screenshot from 2021-07-31 13-59-26

I have one more question. If I successfully move docker file to nvme ssd, is the download path (docker pull command) automatically change too or should I do something else?

Can you do a sudo ls /var/lib/docker? Does it contain anything?

Maybe try this instead:

sudo mv /var/lib/docker /home/joon/nvme

You may need to remove /home/joon/nvme/docker first (may want to confirm it is empty first)

Yes, it will automatically be changed due to the symbolic link that is created in the last command with ln -s

Thank you for your reply. It worked!

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