How to get average gpu consumption

Hello! I have an application that uses GPU for processing and I need calculate how long it occupies GPU in average. For example per second. In NSIGHT I see “timeline view” that contains information when and how long each task occupies GPU, but it is hard to understand what it is in average. I wanted to get “events view” data for calculate it by simple script, but I am unable to copy it. So, how I can calculate GPU time consumption per second for application?


Can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing? I’m not sure if this is a timeline from Nsight Systems or directly from Nsight Visual Studio Edition. Thanks.

@jmarusarz yes, of course, here are screenshots:

As you can see this is Nsight System application and Timeline View is selected in checkbox.

Thanks. I moved this to the Nsight Systems forum. In the events view you should be able to click a row to select it or hold Shift to multi-select and then right-click to copy those rows to the clipboard. Is that what you are trying to do?

@jmarusarz yeah, I want to copy this data - it will be enough for me, but it doesn’t work in this way. All options that I have (after right click) are: Highlight Selected on Timeline and Show current on Timeline. There is no option for copy the info.

Hmm, strange. Here’s what I see. What version of Nsight Systems are you using? This screenshot is from 2022.1.1

I have 2020.4.2

I would recommend installing the newest version to see if that fixes your issue. The latest is 2022.3.

yeah, thanks, make sense