How to get the LLC-cache miss count from the GPU(Pascal) of Jetson TX2 board

Hi, I use the jetson tx2 board as my target system for my research. In order to measure the memory performance of the GPU, I’m trying to obtain information about the number of LLC-cache(L2) misses through the performance counter of the GPU(Pascal). But I do not know how to get LLC-cache miss count from tx2 board GPU.

  1. Is it possible to get the LLC-cache miss count from the tx2 board GPU?
  2. If possible, how can I get the LLC-cache miss count on the tx2 board GPU?


You could refer to Performance Counters from Gfx Debugger doc,|Mobile%20Developer%20Tools|Tegra%20Graphics%20Debugger|_____8

There are various L2 cache read and write counters but not miss counter. Feel free to experiment for what you need to collect based on this document. Thanks.