How to install RHEL 5 64-bit with RAID on Foxconn Destroyer?

Has anyone installed 64-bit Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 on Foxconn Destroyer, and configured two harddrives as bootable RAID 1?

If so, did you follow the instructions for installing Windows on a bootable RAID 1?

Or, did you set the RAID 1 in software in Linux?

Never set up RAID on it. You probably have to boot with pci=nomsi still to prevent AHCI from going crazy.

Ditto on that. Recently had to setup Scientific Linux 5.2 (RHEL5.2 clone) on a 780a motherboard, and this option was required for the installer to see the hard drives at all.

Never set RAID in the BIOS? How about in software in RHEL 5?

Where do I set pci=nomsi ? In the BIOS? If so, in which menu?

Which option wasrequired?

So, how did you set up the hard drives?

I would like to use two in a bootable RAID 1, and another two in a second RAID 1 that will be used for backup only.

How do I do that in Linux?

I haven’t setup RAID with RHEL5, so I can’t help you there. I just had one disk and did the default format. The hard drive controller on 780a motherboards does not work with the driver in RHEL5 unless you use the pci=nomsi kernel option.

But where do I set the option pci=nomsi ?

Would appreciaate help with this.

Thank you very much!

That depends on your distribution, you really should check the documentation of your distro to see how to supply kernel boot parameters.

In Fedora I press a key when booting and then I have (amongst others) the option to alter the kernel boot parameters

Right as you boot off the CD, it will say “type linux to install, or type linux text to install in text mode” or something like that. type linux text pci=nomsi and you should be in business.

BTW, can one update the BIOS on the Foxconn Destroyer from a CD drive, using a CD,
as opposed to from a floppy drive?

Don’t know about a CD, probably? I think I’ve done it off of a USB stick before, but now I’m not sure if that was actually on that motherboard or another one…

After trying instructions from several different places on how to upgrade the BIOS on the foxconn destroyer

motherboard with a CD, the following instructions worked perfectly: