how to interprete CL_NONE value

Hi, I’m pretty new to openCL and i’d like to ask (surely) stupid question

What is the way to interprete CL_NONE value returned by clGetDeviceInfo when querying for CL_DEVICE_GLOBAL_MEM_CACHE_TYPE ??
does it mean that my GF 8600 GT does not have any cahce memory or it is not availible for opencl??

For that card, both. What might be confusing you & me as well, is that even on Fermi where the value is CL_READ_WRITE_CACHE & cache line size is 128, Global Mem Cache Size returns the same value as Global Mem Size. This makes little sense.

Edit: Checking what the OSX Intel CPU reports, it also reports the same #. 3072 MB. WTF??

My bad, in code copying for a little report I wrote, that was me. I now show 245760 for GTX 480.

thanks, it was really helpfull :)