how to load and use nvml library in visual studio?

I used NVML before to measure power consumption of a GPU K20c in LINUX.
Now i wanna do it in windows 10 and i have visual studio 2015.
At compile time, i get the error of linker:unresolved external symbol …(in nvml-related functions),
By searching a lot,it seems that i must link NVML library to VS and according to NVML API reference i added “C:\Program Files\NVIDIA Corporation\NVSMI” to the PATH environmental variable.
i still get this Error:unresolved external symbol …(in nvml-related functions)
Does anyone has any idea to solve this problem?

You’ll need to add the nvml library to the visual studio link specification.

The method is similar to what is described here:

except that at this point:

Project…yourprojectname Properties…Linker…Input…Additional Dependencies

you must add the nvml.lib library