nvml.lib for x86 platform


I’m using Visual Studio 2017 and functions from NVML.

I can build dll under x64 platform. But I can not for x86:

LNK2019	unauthorized external character reference __imp__nvmlInit_v2 in function _NVIDIA_Init
LNK4272	type of library computer "x64" conflicts with the target computer type "x86"
C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio017\Community\VC\Tools\MSVC4.12.25827\lib\x86\nvml.lib
LNK1120	unauthorized external elements: 1
D:\PROJECTS\Visual Studio 2017\MathLibrary\MathLibrary\Debug\MathLibrary.dll

I think this is happening, because nvml.lib is configured for x64 platform.

Where can I download nvml.lib under the x86 platform or how can I fix this error?

Thank you in advance!

I imagine x86 (i.e. 32-bit OS) is not supported anymore for NVML. In general, 32-bit support is rapidly disappearing from GPU computing assets. If you want, you can search through the archives:

for an older version that has 32-bit support. You may have to go back to something that was released in the 2014 timeframe, and its possible that that stuff is not compatible with current drivers, etc.

To fix this error you should build under x64 platform.

Many thanks!