how to load the camera data into Cuda ?

Does anybody here use a 1394 camera ?
So how can I transfer the imagedata from camera buffer into Cuda ?
the problem is the format of imagedata in camera buffer is uchar(0 to 255) , but in Cuda all the imagedata must be float (0.0f to 1.0f)?
how to transfer ?


imagedata in CUDA? As far as I understand CUDA supports arrays or textures. And textures certainly can be unsigned integers of x bits. Arrays can (I think) also be uchar. So my question is, what do you mean by imagedata in cuda?


I assume you have your data in a buffer of unsigned chars. If you place them in a CUDA texture, you can, in your kernel, assign them to floating point variables and the hardware will do the conversion for you (this is a feature of using texture data).