How to make RAW-10 data display properly on Jetson NX?

I use SONY IMX-477/IMX-586 sensor,it run in raw-10 mode,but it looks like there’s something wrong with the image
in the application layer.It seems to use RAW-16 format on Jetson.
The follow picture was the raw data show in raw10/12/14/16 mode,How can i do to make it display properly on Jetson NX?

Please check this memory layout for RAW format.

Thank you for your reply.
Could you please be more specific,Is the relevant register of my sensor set wrong?Or what does the application layer need to do?

Does matter with the sensor configure. It’s how VI capture the RAW data to memory.

Thank you for your reply,I solved this problem by changing the value of the gain register, which was previously set to maximum.

And i have another problem,How can I modify the gain and exposure values of the GStream capture,it seems to be able to set the range?

Right, you can set the exposurerange/gainrange only. You can set the range to specific value like [15 15] then the sensor gain will been set as 15.

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