Parse out data from .raw image from Raspberry Pi HQ IMX477

I am running on Jetpack 4.6.1 updated to 32.7.3, with a Raspberry Pi HQ IMX477. I have applied the appropriate arducam driver to add the (near) full resolution mode for the camera (4032x3040). I am able to take full resolution jpeg images with gstreamer and nvargus_nvraw. However, I am having trouble reading the raw images produced by nvargus_nvraw. Does anyone know how to extract/parse the pixel data from this?

According to the modes available it is in RG10 format, and the spec sheet of the camera is here:

I am able to load the .raw file from nv_raw headerless mode into matlab using:

fid = fopen(‘test_headerless.raw’);
data = fread(fid, ‘ubit10’);

which produces a 19624551x1 array of values, with the max value being 1008 for the scene I am imaging (which supposedly makes sense for a 10 bit image where 2^10=1024). I’ve researched online but none of the reconstruction algorithms I find seem to reproduce a readable image.

I’ve tried opening the file in various photo software including vooya and FastRawViewer, and neither of them were able to open the image file.

hello alecy14,

may I know what’s your commands to fetch raw images via nvargus_nvraw?

I usually using this tool, 7yuv to analysis the raw files.
you can visualizing raw files in graphics, hex, or text mode.

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