How to process the frame with padding and without scaling?

• Hardware Platform (GPU): Nvidia RTX 4000
• DeepStream Version: 6.2
• NVIDIA GPU Driver Version: 525.105.17
• Issue Type: Questions


In DS6.2, we have to require process padding in the frames. We don’t need any scaling on that. Is there any plugin available to provide such capability in DS?


could you share your media pipeline or use case? which deepstream sample are you referring? are you using nvinfer or nvifnersever?

Hello @fanzh,

We have a nvinfereserver pipeline with 1 pgie and 2 sgie models. We are trying to pass our pgie output 100x200 image to sgie. But the sgie input size is 500x500. So our problem is by default nvinferserver scale that 100x200 image to 500x500 with additional padding. But we don’t want any scaling we only want to pad as it explodes smaller images when scaled to 500x500.

we build our own.

please refer to this similar topic: Does nvinferserver supports padding without resizing (enlarging small) input

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