How to run H100 GPU without CC Mode?

hi there,
I am looking for some steps to use H100 GPU without CC Mode ON.
Thanks in advance!

Are you using H100 as base-metal machine, in a VM (virtual machine) or in a CVM (confidential VM)?

I am using CVM.

If CC mode is off, the data flow through PCIe is not protected and is at risk.

You could refer to this issue: Failed to load NVDIA driver within CVM (TDX) · Issue #531 · NVIDIA/open-gpu-kernel-modules · GitHub

I undertand.
But What I wanted to try is the performance difference when CC GPU mode is on and off.
So, Could you please share steps to do the same.

There is some performance data in Nvidia’s whitepaper of confidential computing.

The performance of computation inside H100 should remain the same because data is stored in plaintext in GPU memory.

I am sorry but I did not have experience on booting a GPU in a CVM.