Userguide to get started with H100 GPUs?

I am looking for some user guide or some steps in order to run my first AI model training on this GPU.
Could anyone please help me finding out how to get started using this for AI workloads?

From my experience, there is not much difference between running on H100 and on other GPUs.

@Yifan-Tan Since, these are Confidential Computing GPU, therefore I am wondering if any extra steps are needed to get started with it.

You can refer to

Additionally, H100 can be configured with Confidential Computing (CC) disabled (which is the default mode) if you do not require the CC feature.

Actually, I need to run AI apps on CC enabled GPU itself.
Just, I am not sure if by default, it will run in CC or not.

CC is disabled by default. You should follow to setup the CC environment.

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