How to run Nsight Compute to get a bar graph for the floating operations?

I am new to nsight compute, and I want to run a Python script and get a bar graph for the floating point operations. I am lost and don’t how to start.
This is what I did so far.
I also don’t get what should be the output file and how to make it executable, and should the launch part have the file I want to get the bar graph for?

Have you checked the instructions for this activity in the documentation already?

The Output File is the name of the report that’s created. The name doesn’t matter much, as long as you can find the file later on if you need it. Select e.g. the full set on the Metrics tab to collect all of the curated metrics.

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Thank you so much for your reply.
Yes, I am following the document.
I just keep getting this error:

May you please guide me on how to use a Python file for the target application?

You can put the path to the python executable in Application Executable and put your script in Command Line Arguments.

What does this mean:

This is the output through the terminal:

Hi, @yasmine.mustafa0508

Is it possible to share your python script for repro ?