how to run the code in device emulation mode under Linux

hi, there,

I am new to Cuda.

get an error as below :

error: calling a host function from a
device/global function is only allowed in device emulation
printf(“num = %d”,num);

the function printf can’t be compiled if it is used in the Device Side ?

If so , how can I use the device emulation mode ?

thanks in advance , guys

Yes, printf does not make sense in device code (the GPU code is not able to call a operating system function or library routine).

To get emulator binaries, add -deviceemu to the nvcc command line.


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Hi Stefan,

you don not need to edit anything in the makefile, when you are using the from the cuda SDK. you just have to type on the command line

make emu=1

If you would like to enable debug mode as well just type on the command line

make emu=1 dbg=1

In the makefile from the SDK it looks like

NVCCFLAGS   += -deviceemu



  # consistency, makes developing easier



when you are enabling the emulation mode.