How to send analytic results to server via kafka

• DeepStream Version: 5.1
how to send analytic results (defined by roi-filtering, line-crossing, overcrowding, … ) to server via kafka? for example the num of objects in roi-area1, num of line crossing …

I use deepstream-test5 and I can receive kafka message in both full schema and minimal payload. But there is no analytic result.

I find I can modify the messages in ‘sources/libs/nvmsgconv/nvmsgconv.cpp’.
How to get analytic results in ‘sources/libs/nvmsgconv/nvmsgconv.cpp’ ?
Is there any other thing need to modify?

You can refer to test4 or test5 sample for how to use nvmsgconv and nvmsgbroker in the pipeline, and did changes accordingly in analytic sample, the analytic results will be get by nvmsgconv and further send payload by broker to server.
For sending custom metadata other than provided in NvDsEventMsgMeta structure, user can also create custom objects and attach to buffer as NVDS_EVENT_MSG_META metadata. To do that NvDsEventMsgMeta provides “extMsg” and “extMsgSize” fields. User can create custom structure, fill that structure and assign the pointer of that structure as “extMsg” and set the “extMsgSize” accordingly. If custom object contains fields that can’t be simply mem copied then user should also provide function to copy and free those objects.

I have tested test5 and received kafka message, but analytic results not include in message. I want to know where can I get analytic result.
please show me details or samples, not simplly let me refere to test5 or test4 !

this one,

thanks! this is what I am looking for.

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