Sending specific data to Kafka using Deepstream test5 sample

Hardware Platform: Jetson Tx2
DeepStream Version: DS 6.0.1
JetPack Version (valid for Jetson only): 4.6.2
TensorRT Version:
Hi, I have generated an app using deepstream test5 and deepstream nvdsanalytics test to receive data (Entry and Exit) when the object (vehicle) has passed through the line. It is working however, I want to send the data to kafka only after the object has crossed the line. Currently, it is sending all the frames the object is in to kafka.

What do you mean by when the object (vehicle) has passed through the line? Do you add preprocess to deepstream test5 ?

I just combined the deepstream nvdsanalytics test sample to the deepstream test5.

It is similar to the GitHub - NVIDIA-AI-IOT/deepstream-occupancy-analytics: This is a sample application for counting people entering/leaving in a building using NVIDIA Deepstream SDK, Transfer Learning Toolkit (TLT), and pre-trained models. This application can be used to build real-time occupancy analytics applications for smart buildings, hospitals, retail, etc. The application is based on deepstream-test5 sample application.
In my case, I’m using vehicles as my objects instead of people.

Did you set the right ROI para in the config file? It’s send to the kafka after the nvdsanalytics. So if your nvdsanalytics is right, the data send to kafka should also be right.

I see, I will check it

Hi, I have set parameters for the line crossing stream already… do I need to set the ROI as well? As I only want the data from the line crossing param.

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You can generate message with the generate_event_msg_meta API by yourself when you get the people who only crossed the line.

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