How to set the nano jetson fan control to auto?

Basically the same question as here: Jetson Nano Fan control - set to auto
How do I set the nano jetson fan control to auto, after I have once written to the /sys/devices/pwm-fan/target_pwm file?
The answer in that link doesn’t work because that file doesn’t even exist on the nano.

hello bubanja.kaju,

it’ll overwrite the settings once you program target_pwm,
may I have your use-case to specify the target_pwm, how about not program this setting?

My use case was that I wanted to test if the fan works and then set the target_pwm, after confirming that it works I now want to set the settings to auto again, without having to reinstall the whole OS.

hello bubanja.kaju,

you could just reboot the system, after that, fan should be auto controlled.

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