How to take a backup of the system that has configured the system and completed all its installations?

Hello. I made a license plate recognition system on jetson nano with my friend and I want to be able to distribute the project. I want to install the system on my other nano device. How can I do it?

OS:ubuntu 18.04

Help .Please!

hello ozlematiz1637,

please refer to Flash Script Usage session, you may put the device enter forced-recovery mode and using the -G options to copy system.img from the filesystem partition,
for example, $ sudo ./ -r -k APP -G <clone> <board> mmcblk0p1

once you obtain the backup image, you may use that to deploy the other platforms.
note, you should add -r options into the flash command line, please do flash the other platform with the same L4T release version,

I just wanted to add that when restoring a clone, that you’d want to use the same L4T release flash software from which the cloned system was originally created. There are many partitions which are used in boot, and there are some version dependencies, but none of this is part of the operating system itself. Flashing a clone will use the flash software’s content for those boot related partitions.

Example if you renamed your clone “system.img”:

  • Copy system.img to “Linux_for_Tegra/bootloader/”.
  • From “Linux_for_Tegra/” with the Jetson connected in recovery mode:
    sudo ./ -r jetson-nano mmcblk0p1
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