How to use extensions' code to manipulate action graphs?

Using the action graphs and the template file from omniverse tutorial I created a graph that changes the color and camera perspective upon pressing a keyboard button.
I also can write codes in the respective usda file to modify and customize my action graph.
My question is how can I use the python code of the action graph extension to perform those modifications in python rather than on the usda file??

Hi @Ai-Da You can start here to learn about OmniGraph Python scripting: omni.graph: OmniGraph Python Scripting — kit-sdk 103.1 documentation

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Thank you very much for the reference. I was stuck on how to interact with omniverse through coding. It helped me both ways.
I have just built another topic but right after I did I thought it might be better if I asked it under this one.

So, I have a usd scene that I got from sketchfab and that contains a single power pole object.

I need to use the power pole on different spots of the city.
So far I have separated the power pole prim and stored it in another usda file.

How can I refer to that prim which is in a different file on my pc via script editor?

Hi @Ai-Da. I replied on your other topic. It’s always best to start a new topic so that it’s easier for others to find answers.

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That’s a valid point.

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