External Python script integration in action graphs?

APP : Isaac Sim 2022.1.1

I’m trying to generate synthetic data where I need to constantly rotate a 3D object at a fixed angle, change its material shader input textures (albedo/metal/roughness/normal etc) and export a viewport image.

I built an action graph driven by tick events to rotate the object and then replace its material shader’s input textures.

I can rotate the object as I want it to. However, I wasn’t able to replace the input textures because the Write Prim Attribute function in Action Graph cannot access the attributes of these input textures.

So I created a Python script in Omniverse’s script editor to do the job using Omniverse’s USD Python API, and it worked fine.

But the problem is that I have to execute the script manually. I’m wondering if scripts can be driven by events of action graphs, how can I do that?

You could try to use the script node. I’m not sure about the texture. but you can drive the tick via the script node.

Also you could output a variable in the action graph back into code then use the variable in the script editor to select the texture on the back end. If that makes sense?


Sirens, thank you for your reply! I did try Script Node, but there was an import error that I didn’t know how to deal with.

Mati from NVIDIA suggests me the best way to solve this problem is to move to Create-2022.3, because they’ve made some significant changes to it. I will try it and see if it works!

Many thanks to @mati-nvidia and @Sirens_uk I was able to solve my problem using Script Node and Create-2022.3.

Thanks @renton.hsu.vfx, @mati-nvidia is super helpful.

Love how that we are building a community of devs working together, this work is not easy. Honest is the best policy here! I love how we admit limitations. Team work == dream work


You all, the community, make this place great! Thank you.


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