Cannot open animation graph

2024-01-24 05:55:38 [Error] [omni.kit.actions.core.python] Error executing PythonAction ‘open_animation_graph’: TypeError: AnimGraphMenu._open_animation_graph() missing 1 required positional argument: ‘objects’

version 2023.2.2

@29009344 i am just another user, but it’ll be beneficial for the mods/devs to troubleshoot and repro by providing a bit more information. like…

  • the steps leading up to the error (like describing stage content, whether you have objects selected, etc) with screenshots if possible
  • upload the most recent .log file found in %userprofile%\.nvidia-omniverse\logs\Kit\USD.Composer\2023.2

Let me found out what this means. Can you describe what you were doing at the time and what you are trying to achieve ?

not sure if this has been fixed or not but i have the same problem.

in the file

at line 1269 the function _execute_action is not sending the correct parms to the
_open_animation_graph action

in the _execute_action i hacked in some code
so that if the action contains open_animation_graph
it add params[“prim_list”] = objects[‘prim_list’]

there is probably a much cleaner way but i just wanted to see if i could get it to work

    def _execute_action(self, action: Tuple, objects):
        if not action:

            import omni.kit.actions.core

            async def execute_action(action):

                # only forward the accepted parameters for this action
                action_obj = omni.kit.actions.core.acquire_action_registry().get_action(action[0], action[1])
                params = {key: objects[key] for key in action_obj.parameters if key in objects}
                # Drew Loveridge Edit Start
                if 'open_animation_graph' in action:
                    if "prim_list" in objects:
                        params["prim_list"] = objects['prim_list']
                # Drew Loveridge Edit End
                omni.kit.actions.core.execute_action(*action, **params)

line 48

and sense the action was sender a list of kwargs **
i changed the function to accept kwargs instead of and arg

    def _open_animation_graph(self, objects):
        if objects is not None:
            if "prim_list" in objects:
                prim_list = objects["prim_list"]

i changed the input so that it excepts a list if key words

    def _open_animation_graph(self, **objects):
        if objects is not None:
            if "prim_list" in objects:
                prim_list = objects["prim_list"]

that fixed it and now the context item works (13.8 KB)

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right click “open animation graph ”
then error occurred
kit_20240125_093929.log (1.4 MB)

Your windows username is “29009” ??
You installed Omniverse to d:/program files/omniverse ??


if you copy the 2 files from my ziped moded filles in my last post to the location below you should be able to use it.
make sure to back up the files just incase your issue was diff then mine

d:\program files\omniverse\pkg\create-2023.2.2\extscache\omni.kit.context_menu-1.6.8+09b309e7\omni\kit\context_menu\scripts\

d:\program files\omniverse\pkg\create-2023.2.2\extscache\omni.anim.graph.ui-105.1.3+105.1\omni\anim\graph\ui\scripts\

if you do it give me a heads up if it works

Great, it is useful,thx

We are looking into this now and analysing the issues with Actiongraph and FSD. I will post a response.

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